Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Power of the Prop

Listen to this wonderful panel from this Wednesday's Kojo Nnandi Show on NPR:

Kojo interviews Sharon Gruber, nutrition consultant Bread for the City, a Washington organization that provides food, clothing, medical care, legal and social services to the poor.

About 8 minutes in Sharon was asked to speak about a gleaning program at Bread, where local farmers donate leftover fresh produce to be given to low income residents.

Rather than just talking about the gleaned food, Sharon brought it in! She spoke about the beautiful radishes, the whole bags of basil, the squash and ears of corn. The listeners heard the sound of the farm fresh produce tumbling on the table.

Even though we couldn't actually see the produce, Sharon's brilliant use of a prop helped us concretize and remember her message much more than words could ever do.

From the Green Room: Use a prop - one prop - and use it well. It is a powerful way to make your message stick.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to Slow Down

Most people think they speak too quickly - especially in front of a group.

So how can you learn to slow down?

The answer? By believing in the importance of your message.

If you truly have something you need to share with your particular audience, you'll naturally do everything you can to make sure each person can understand you.

So often, we speak too quickly because we don't want to waste other people's time. We want to get through the material as fast possible, so that the audience can move on with their day.

From the Green Room: If you prepare a clear, concise, and relevant message for your audience - you will naturally slow down so they can fully receive it.