Saturday, April 4, 2009

How to Give an Acceptance Speech: The Top 5 Things My Dad Did Right

Last Friday, I had the privilege of hearing my father speak at a ceremony honoring his 25 years of service as the first and only president of his organization.

My dad knows I'm his biggest critic - but that day, I was his biggest fan.

Not only was I tremendously proud of his accomplishments, but of the (dare I say) perfect thank you speech he gave.

Here are 5 things he did just right:

1. He kept it brief.

2. He spoke with genuine emotion.

3. He did not spend a long time listing people to thank, but rather expressed gratitude for the honor itself - for the privilege of having served a cause he is passionate about.

4. Rather than thanking the audience for helping him reach this day, he thanked them for helping him serve the organization all these years. We all felt part of the journey.

5. He brought everything back to the essential mission of the organization - and thus made those around feel inspired to continue the effort.

Great job, Dad.


Anonymous said...

There's certainly much we can learn from our own mistakes, but this post movingly illuminates how much we can learn from what others do right.

Anonymous said...

I found this entry quite touching and useful. I'm becoming a tfan of this blog, but I'm also struck by how difficult achieving oratory success seems to be.

Anonymous said...

I think your Dad has been getting some good lessons from you. I can remember a time when brevity was not his forte. Your other comments are also excellent. Perhaps he has inherited your oratorical skills, and was just a late bloomer.