Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cliff Lee on Keeping Cool

Watch this video of Phillies' pitcher Cliff Lee coolly catching a fly ball in Game 1 of the 2009 World Series against the New York Yankees:

Now listen to his post-game interview on ESPN

"About being cool...this is the stage that I've wanted to get to from a little kid. Now that I'm here, I've already put the work in, there's no sense in being nervous and worried it's time to go out there an let my talent and skills take over and execute pitches I've already done everything I know I need to do to prepare for it so there's no reason for me to be nervous.



Adam Korengold said...

Sarah, wonderful finding you here! Walter Johnson was many, many years ago. I appreciate Cliff Lee's coolness under pressure. But Derek Jeter has been doing it for thirteen seasons. (Had to get in a tweak there!)

All the best,


Sarah Gershman said...

Thanks for reading Adam! I know it's a sensitive topic...:)I hope you are doing well.