Sunday, December 6, 2009

Know. Feel. Do.

As a small business owner, I looked forward to hearing this ABC video, "Winners of the Home-Based 100." Rich Sloan, co-founder of StartupNation discusses three of the winners and the entrepreneurial strategy each one uses. Click on the link below and then click on the second video at the bottom of the screen.

Rich does a terrific job of implementing three of my favorite speaking strategies:

1. He speaks as if he is having a one-on-one conversation with the listener.

2. He uses the Rule of Three.

3. He uses Know, Feel, Do.

What do I mean?

The first company offers a cognitive lesson. Sloan talks about Priceless Profiles, a company that produces improved profiles for online dating. The take-home strategy here is that the company takes a common skill (writing) and uses it in an uncommon market. This is clearly a knowledge-based strategy.

The second company immediately connects to our emotions. Haralee Weintraub, a breast cancer survivor, had suffered from night sweats during her chemo-therapy treatment and started a business selling wicking PJs. The listener could not help but feel inspired and moved by Haralee's story.

Finally, the third company tackled the action piece. Christine Perkett, founder of Perkett PR, advises entrepreneurs to "Listen as much as you can" to what the market is saying.

From the Green Room: When using the Rule of Three, the order matters.

1. Know. First give your listeners a vital piece of information.
2. Feel. Next, connect to their emotions.
3. Do. Finally, tell them exactly what action you want them to take.

Know. Feel. Do. It's simple, it's clear and it works.


Haralee said...

Good advise. Also Rich is such an engaging guy you want to hear what he has to say!

Anonymous said...

Even beyond the skillful application of the presentation strategies, when Rich cracks a joke about his own need for an improved dating profile, he becomes someone with whom many listeners can instantly identify. A big plus!

Sarah Gershman said...

Yes, great point.

Christine Perkett said...

Hi Sarah,

Thank you so much for the mention and the personal note. I enjoyed reading your assessment and shared strategies. I love rules of three! So easy to remember.

I look forward to staying connected.

All my best,
Christine Perkett

Sarah Gershman said...

Thank you Christine!