Thursday, June 24, 2010

Commencement 2010: Another Great Opener

I love the way Meryl Streep opens her speech at this year's Barnard College graduation:

(You have to first listen to a rather long intoduction, which is not bad either.)

Streep does a brilliant job of lowering her status - and thus connecting to her audience.

She gracefully moves from the elite situation of being asked to give a commencement speech to the universal "back in college" nightmares that plague here as the date of the speech draws near.

From the Green Room: Be aware of your status. As you prepare your content, ask yourself whether you need to lower ro raise it. Then do so in your opener. By evening the playing field, you will immediately forge a stronger connection with your audience.

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Anonymous said...

She lowered her status? I had just the opposite reaction. Also thought the lead-up to the "dream" punch line was overlong,overdone, and bordering on tedious.