Friday, September 17, 2010

Not My Job?

I love this slide used by Seth Godin in his presentation on entitled, "This is Broken."

He uses the slide to make the point that one reason why things break is that no one takes responsibility for fixing them.

The guy who made the soccer sign probably knew it was ridiculous, but felt it wasn't his job to change it. And so the rest of us are stuck with this (funny) but absurd sign!

From the Green Room: If you're giving a presentation on behalf of someone else (e.g. a company ethics training) and you see something that doesn't make sense or that could be said better, never assume it's written in stone. Argue to improve it. Even when you represent your company in a presentation, you are also representing yourself. And once your employer tasks you with the job of presenting, you are ultimately responsible for what you say.


Anonymous said...

For a presenter, this is one of those situations in which a healthy dose of vanity comes in handy -- makes it easier to argue with the employer.

Anonymous said...

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