Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Don't Rely on Your Speaking GPS

Last week, I got lost driving through a neighborhood in DC I actually knew pretty well.

The problem?

I relied too much on my GPS.

Rather than trust my instincts, I chose to follow exclusively on the advice of my GPS - and as a result, kept getting turned around.

Relying on my GPS prevented me from being able to look around and think,
"I've been here before. I know where I'm going, and I can figure out how to get there." I got lost because I was unable be be fully present in the moment.

From the Green Room: When you speak, turn off your GPS and get in the moment. Don't depend on your script. How?

1. Take the time beforehand to figure out your core message.
2. Based on this message, map out a clear outline.
3. Practice, practice, practice.

Then, when you get up to speak, you can move away from your script and be fully present. When the unexpected happens, you can return to your core message - and you won't get lost.


mgmvoice said...

Sarah, this is so true. I've found that if I don't really figure out the core messages I'm teaching and make them my own--with examples that are grounded in my own experience--I am way too dependent on my script. This takes a lot of time and practice, but it is well worth the effort.

Sarah Gershman said...


Thank you for your comment! I agree - it's all about ownership. And truly of the most challenging things is actually putting in the time.