Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On Broadway or in the Board Room - Just Have Fun

I love this piece by Patrick Healy in Monday's NYT:

Hopefuls Sing Out From Afar as Broadway Scouts Go Online

James Lapine, who is also directing the “Annie” revival, said that videos can sometimes help him notice talent that he might not otherwise see at live auditions.

“Actors, especially young actors, can be very nervous when they’re performing live in front of us,” he said. “Video auditions can reveal a level of focus, concentration and confidence.

The piece features a few of the best video auditions. My favorite was Julia Tan. Why? In addition to being quite talented, she has fun - and thus is fun to watch. I hope she makes it!

From the Green Room: Never underestimate the power of having fun during a presentation. Having fun is contagious. If you have fun, the audience will as well.

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