Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to Feed Your PowerPoint Addiction

Who knew there were smartphone apps designed to help people give better presentations?

In this week's "Killer Apps" on, Farhad Manjoo shows us a few:

I was disappointed to see that the main app featured enables further dependency on PowerPoint. The app actually lets you download your PowerPoint presentation right onto your phone.

What a brilliant way to merge two addictions - PowerPoint and Smartphones!

Could someone design a public speaking app that teaches speakers to get away from the screen - and connect with the people in the audience?

But perhaps this is a lesson that's better given in person.

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Anonymous said...

Can't recall a single PowerPoint presentation that didn't, in the end, distract from the speaker's message. I typically find myself focusing on the speaker's PowerPoint skills rather than on the content that the presentation was supposed to enhance.