Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Top Ten Tips to Mastering the Art of Public Speaking

Top Ten Speaking Tips

10. People remember what they hear first, last, often – and how they felt when they listened to you. Be crystal clear on your emotional intent.

9. Limit Powerpoint. Never forget that you are the star – not your visuals.

8. Be Present. Prepare beforehand so that before you are about to speak you can be aware what is happening around you. Get your body in the optimum state. Jump up and laugh!

7. When selecting information for your presentation, make sure everything you choose to say is both new and relevant. Know your audience. Make them essential to your presentation.

6. Get right into it. No explanations or caveats. In one sentence, let the audience know what you are going to tell them. Then tell them. Stay on message.

5. Tell a story. Remember the four types of listeners. Add visual, audio, digital, and kinesthetic details.

4. Vary your voice. Practice varying volume, tempo, pitch, and emotion. Punch the “operative words” and pause… purposefully.

3. Physical motion makes the greatest impact on an audience. Move to enhance and emphasize your content. Stand to YOUR right side of the room.

2. Stand if possible. Step away from the podium. Maintain a heroic neutral stance most of the time. If you must sit, lean forward and keep your hands above the table.

1. The best speeches are the ones where each listener feels personally addressed. Use your eyes as a way to connect to individual people. Don’t scan. If you focus on one person at a time, all eyes will focus on you.

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This is an extremely useful list. I like how practical it is, thanks for putting it out there.