Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Michelle Obama: No Magic Dust

It doesn't take magic to have stage presence.

Having presence means connecting to your audience on a true and deep level.

Check out Michelle Obama's conversation with a group of high school students in the Adams Morgan neighborhood in DC this past Tuesday. (

"I was somewhat where you are," she told the kids. "I didn't come to this position with a lot of wealth and a lot of resources. I think it's real important for young kids, particularly kids who come from communities without resources, to see me. Not the first lady, but to see that there is no magic to me sitting here. There are no miracles that happen. There is no magic dust that was sprinkled on my head or Barack's head. We were kids much like you who figured out one day that our fate was in our own hands."

Michelle Obama's "magic" is her ability to connect her story to the students' story.

Get real with your audience.

Show your audience that your story is their story.

And show your audience that your mission is their mission.

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